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A recovering sex addict meets an irresistible virgin. 

My sick obsession with domination and sex had become an addiction, and I was no longer willing to be a slave to it. Now, I’m six months sex free, and I haven’t tied a woman up in five.

I’ve never felt more powerful in my life. 
Then Eden Vaughn got a job at Empire Sevens and turned my newfound control on its head.

She makes me feel weak—testing my restraint—silently begging me to show her how deep my addiction runs. I can’t have her sort of temptation in my casino, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get her to quit.
I’m into all things dark and filthy, but innocence is my kryptonite.

She’s virtuous and vanilla, and vanilla is my VICE.

A recovering sex addict should never be faced with such temptation. But there she was, working in my casino and teasing me to the edge of insanity. 
Thanks to her, I did the one thing I swore I wouldn’t do. 


I relapsed.

Falling off the wagon and so deeply into her I thought I might never find my way back to sanity. Everything is different with Eden, and I’ll do anything to keep her. Even if it means risking everything I’ve worked my entire life for. 

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