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Don’t play with your food. Unless she’s sexy and tastes like heaven. Harley tastes like life itself. 
Humans are almost extinct, animals are gone, and we’re starving. It’s my job to secure her so we can breed her with a male human and make a food supply, but one taste of her blood and the feel of her luscious curves has left me with quite the dilemma. 
Do I let her go to him and save my race, or do I keep her for myself and suffer the consequences?



A little pain. A lot of Pleasure. 
All my life I’ve only known hurt and survival—hiding from the vampires—watching every person I know get sucked dry. 
When James finds me and takes me back his place, I expect death to quickly follow. What I didn’t expect was to feel alive for the first time. 
I’ve decided to let go and let him show me the extent of raw pleasure, but giving someone free rein over your body also means allowing them access to your heart, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to let go when my time finally arrives.


Coming soon!

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