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I despised Reed Peirce. 
He was a cocky, egotistical smooth talker, and more times than not, he was also my opposing counsel in the courtroom. 

He thinks he’s God’s gift to the law, but I know the real reason he wins so many cases, and it has more to do with those persuading green eyes than his fancy law degree. Not that I can blame the jury. I was once on the receiving end of that perfectly tilted smirk and deceiving charm, and I learned the hard way not to trust him. 

Now, a year later, it’s a virtual tug-o-war in the courtroom, and I refuse to fall for his witty banter and flirty smiles again. I was determined to show the playboy of appeals that he messed with the wrong lady of the law. Only, the joke was on me, and a drunken night of hot, mind-numbing sex has my aversions toward him wavering…

One bottle. One dare. One night. 
That’s all it took to obliterate a year’s worth of hate toward Reed. 
It was thoughtless. It was reckless.
And no matter the case I plead, he’s left me defenseless.

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